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Other Resources

Books and Articles About Psychoanalytic Psythotherapy

Curtis, Hannah, "Everyday Life and the Unconscious Mind: An Introduction to Psychoanalytic Concepts" (an excellent and accessible explanation of key psychoanalytic concepts for the layperson, which includes many helpful examples)

Shedler, Jonathan, "That Was Then, This Is Now: An Introcuction to Contemporary Psychodynamic Therapy"  (a jargon-free explanation of the psychoanalytic approach that dispels the many misconceptions associated with this approach)

Rossner, Judith, August (a semi-autobiographical novel, centering on the author's own experience of intensive individual psychotherapy)

Shedler, Jonathan, "The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy," American Psychologist, 2010, 65:2, p. 98-109 (a review of the research supporting the effectiveness of the psychoanalytic approach)

Books About Families and Family Therapy

Napier, Augustus Y., The Family Crucible: One Family's Therapy, NY: Bantam Books, 1978 (nonfiction, though it reads like a novel)

Scarf, Maggie, Intimate Partners: Patterns in Love and Marriage, NY: Random House, 1987 (written by a journalist who completed family therapy training at the Family Institute of Westchester in New York for research purposes, this is an exceptionally clear and theoretically sound presentation of several popular approaches to understanding families)

Scarf, Maggie, Intimate Worlds: Life Inside the Family, NY: Random House, 1995

Books About Addiction

Dodes, Lance, The Heart of Addiction, NY: Harper, 2003 (a clear presentation of a controversial approach to addiction; this book is amply illustrated with case examples)