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Sharon Winkler, LICSW, MAC

108 SE 124th Avenue
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Vancouver, WA 98684

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If you’ve been disappointed in quick-fix approaches that promise much but deliver little in the way of lasting change, you might want to consider psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is essentially an extended conversation with a professional trained to help you become more aware of the motivations, feelings, conflicts, and patterns that are out of your awareness. This expanded awareness becomes a springboard for thinking, feeling, and behaving in new ways that can interrupt self-defeating patterns and move you closer to your goals.

It takes a long time to learn how to be an effective psychotherapist, so, when you have a lot at stake, you’ll want to see someone with some experience behind her. As a highly trained therapist with 35 years of experience, I can help with complex problems that have resisted solution. Whether you are struggling with a troubled relationship, with troubling symptoms (addiction, anxiety, depression), or with the aftereffects of difficult childhood experiences, my commitment is provide the right balance of support and challenge that will help you make the changes you desire.

Highly-trained psychotherapist with 30 years of experience.

Specializing in:
• Addiction recovery
• Couple Therapy
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Trauma/PTSD (EMDR therapy available when indicated)

In-person and virtual visits now available

Where do I start? Answers to your questions.

I participate with the following insurance plans:

*Many insurance companies and third party administrators use the First Choice Health network. Contact Sharon for help if you're unsure.